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Jinnah believed that education was the birthright of every child. Hence, he believed that it was the duty of the state to provide compulsory universal elementary education for all citizens. Looking at Pakistan today, there are many government-funded Educational Institutes in the country.


Why PFTP Has Introduced Advance Courses?

PFTP is the Pakistan’s Largest Training Program Initiative launched with the aim to provide Skill Development Training to empower youth of the nation. We have Introduced new Advance Courses with a vision to provide Freelancing Training to empower youth of the nation. In order to bring this vision to verity, a comprehensive PFTP advance courses has been designed which provides contemporary training to aspiring freelancers across all provinces of Pakistan.

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PFTP offer internships to our enrolled students to get a hands-on experience of what it is like to work in one of the world’s leading technologies software houses.


Stay up-to date and enroll yourself with PFTP to avail Scholarships from more than 25 leading international countries and win cash prizes, laptops, tablets, etc.


Our courses have core challenges to keep you upgrade and are designed the way to help our students to build their Portfolio so they can start working as Freelancers.

How to Apply In Advance Course

PFTP is private online initiative which is highly appraised by the Government of Pakistan to train the youth of Pakistan in the world of Information technology skill sets to shape the technical workforce for emerging technologies.


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